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There are many exciting places to visit in Cascada. The entire region is a tourist heaven. And our homestay serves as a gateway to all these interesting hotspots.

Banergta Waterfall

Distance: 13 Kms

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Distance - 4km
Kadrioru park
The centrepiece of Kadriorg is Estonia’s only Baroque Palace and park ensemble, built more than 300 years ago on the orders of Russian Tsar Peter the Great. Stroll the green promenades, enjoy views of the swan pond, take time out in the rose garden, or admire the landscaping of the Japanese garden


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Distance - 8km

Built in a unique seaplane hangar, the Seaplane Harbour is without exaggeration the most impressive maritime museum in the region. Step aboard the 1930s submarine Lembit, explore a variety of naval crafts, and try out interactive exhibits on topics ranging from ships to fighter aircraft.

Distance - 2km
old town

If someone were to ask, ‘Is the Old Town just a life-size museum?’, the only correct answer would be, ‘No, of course not!’ The fact that it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List confirms that it is valuable treasure. But the number of important and exciting events that still take place there also prove it is lively and constantly evolving.

Old town

Distance - 15kms
Tallinn citywall

To get a look at the wall from the inside, head to these three towers at the northwest corner of Old Town. Here visitors can climb up from Nunna tower and explore the towers and wall, as well as enjoy a picturesque view of the red-tiled roofs of Old Town.

Distance - 9kms
Tallinna aleksander nevski katedraal

This spectacular, onion-domed structure perched atop Toompea Hill is Estonia's main Russian Orthodox cathedral. It's also by far the grandest, most opulent Orthodox church in Tallinn.


Distance - 11kms
Fat margareth museum

Fat Margaret (Paks Margareeta) and the attached Great Coastal Gate (Suur Rannavärav), two of Tallinn's most impressive defensive structures, stand guard at the north end of Pikk street. They were built not only to defend the city from the seaward side of town, but also to impress any visitors arriving via the harbour.

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Distance - 9kms
Rotermani kvartal

Founded in the nineteenth century by industrialist Christian Abraham Rotermann, this industrial centre has grown into one of the city’s most prominent oases of modern architecture where old and new are skilfully blended. The quarter offers a wide range of shops, cafés, restaurants, and leisure facilities, from beauty salons to sports clubs and cinemas.

Distance - 7kms
Tallinn TV Tower

The 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow included a sailing regatta in Tallinn, and the 314-metre TV tower – the tallest building in Estonia – was completed for the occasion. Today, the tower is home to an experience centre where you can enjoy stunning views, indulge in a cup of coffee or a light meal, visit an interactive exhibition, and even walk suspended on the edge of the tower.

Distance - 6kms
Patarei prison
The authentic prison interior of the Patarei exhibition area introduces the nature of communist ideology and the crimes of its implementers in different countries, the stories of the victims of communism and Nazism, and the eventful history of Patarei since its construction as a naval fortress in the 19th century.  
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